Saving and Loading

BlueBrick is a single document application, that means you can only open one layout at a time. However it is possible to launch several instances of BlueBrick and open a different document in each, in order to copy part of a layout into another layout. It is not possible to copy a full layer yet, but this limitation will be removed in a futur version of BlueBrick.

To create a new layout press the "create new map" button 1, or choose  file > new , or press CTRL + N.

To open an existing layout press the "open a map" button 2, or choose  file > open... , or press CTRL + O.

To save your layout press the "Save the current map" button 3, or choose  file > save  or  file > save as... , or press CTRL + S. You can choose to save it in as a .bbm (BlueBrick), .ldr (LDraw), .mpd (LDraw multiple parts file), .ncp (4DBrix) or .tdl (track designer) format.