Displaying and Exporting the Parts List

You can display the list of all the parts used in the currently open layout, by clicking on the  Part List  tab 1 in the bottom right corner of the BlueBrick window. Note that if you have a budget file opened, like in the screenshot below, you will see more columns in the list (see the Part Budget section for more details regarding budgets).

Displayed Information

Here is a description of all the columns:

Finally at the end of each layer list, there is a line that displays the total of each column.

You can split the list by layer by checking the box 9 at the bottom of the window. If this box is not checked, all the parts of the same type are counted together even if they are placed in different layers. Also you can include the hidden parts (i.e. the parts that are placed on hidden layers) by checking the box 10 at the bottom of the window. If this box is left unchecked, hidden layers are ignored in the count.

You can reorder the parts in the list by clicking on each column header. This way you can display all the missing parts on top of the list for example. The little black triangle next to the column name indicates which column is used for the sorting and in which order (ascending or descending). You can click again on a column header to inverse its sorting order.


Exporting the parts List, may be convenient to create a shopping list, or to share it with other particpants to an event. This feature can be found through the  File > Export Part List...  menu. This will popup a save file dialog, where you can specify a file name to export the list. You can save the file as a regular text file, as a CSV file, or as an HTML file. Here are the different advantages between the formats:


You can print the parts list by opening the .txt, .csv or .html file which you exported, and using the print command provided by the software that opened the file.