Zooming and Viewing

To make it simple, all the navigation operations are placed on the Wheel button of your mouse. The left button is reserved for the selection (see the Selecting Parts section), and the right button is mainly for the context menus.


Zooming can be done using the mouse wheel or by holding down the SHIFT + RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON while moving the mouse up or down. You can configure the Zooming behavior (zooming speed, zoom center) in the Edition Preferences.

Paning the view

The Viewing position can be changed by holding down the mouse wheel over the Layout and moving the mouse as required. Alternatively you can hold the SHIFT + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON buttons down and move the mouse as required.

Scroll bars

If you prefer scroll bars, you can activate them through the  View > Scroll Bars  menu or throught the right click  Scroll Bars  context menu on the map panel. When the scroll bars are visible, you can pan the view by moving the sliders. The sliders will resize when you extend your map and when you zoom in and out. The scroll bars were added to satisfied the scrollbars-addicted users, however, we strongly discourage you to use them, since they are not convenient. For example, you cannot scroll the view far from the edge of your map; so if you want to place a part very far from the parts currently placed on the map, you will still need to use the other panning method, or you will need to move your part little by little to resize the scrollbar little by little.