How to download additional parts or update the Part Library

You can ask BlueBrick to check online if it can find some additional parts packages, or if some part packages have been updated. Part packages are stored in sub folders of the "parts" folder, and will appear as tabs in the part library. In order to do this, go to  File > Download Additional Parts...   which will open the following pop up window:

In this option window you can specify which type of part packages you want to search, by checking the checkbox you want.

Once you have selected the online sources for searching the packages you want, make sure you are connected to internet and that your firewall authorize BlueBrick to access to internet, and click the Search for Package Libraries button, then wait a moment. Some feedback will be provided above the button on the progress of the connection. Once BlueBrick has finished to search and if it found any package, the follwing download center window will be displayed:

In this window you can select which package you want to download or update with the check mark 1. In the column 2 you can see the name of the package. In the column 3, you can see the version number of the package available online. If you already have that package installed, it will be listed here only if the version number online is higher than the version number of your installed package. In the such case, the update of this package will totally replace your currently installed package. Finally the column 4 shows the URL of the package, so if you don't want to let BlueBrick download and install the package for you, you can also download it manually.

Once you are ready, click on the Start Download button and wait for the download to complete, follwing the progress bar next to the button. When the installation is complete the Cancel button is changed to Close, and you can click on it to close the download form window. Then a pop-up message will inform you that the Part Library need to be reloaded, and after the reload the new parts should now be available.