How to Filter the Part Library

At the bottom of the part library, there's a text box 16 where you can type any kind of keywords to filter the parts displayed in the part library. The filtering is done on both the description and the color of the part; meaning that every part which contains the specified keyword in their description or color name will be displayed, and the others will be hidden. Clear the text box if you want to unfilter the library.

By default when the part list is filtered, the background color of the part library becomes slightly red, but you can customize this color in the Preferences of the application, including setting it to white if you don't want to see the color change.

Advanced Filtering

You can use several keywords separated by a space character. In that case all the parts that match all the specified keywords (in any order) will be displayed. Now if you want to use a space character inside your keyword, you must enclose your search sentence between double quote. For example if you want to display all the 32 x 32 green baseplates in the baseplate tab of the part library you should type: "32 x 32" green. The double quotes around the "32 x 32" text will ensure that these three words will not be split during the filtering, and the space before the 'green' word will be understood as a separation for a second keyword such as only baseplates that are both green and have a size of 32x32 will be displayed.

Note that with the previous example "32 x 32" green a SAND GREEN baseplate is also listed. Fortunately it is also possible to exclude parts that match specific keywords by adding a minus character - just in front of the keyword. For example if you want to exclude the sand green baseplate you can use: "32 x 32" green -sand. You can of course use exclusive keywords only, for example if you type -yellow you will display all the parts except the yellow ones. The minus character also works in front of a double quoted sentence, for example -"16 x 16" will remove all the 16x16 baseplates. Adding a + in front of a keyword will have the same effect as not adding it.

You can also filter based on part numbers. To do this, you need to add the sharp character # in front of the keyword. For example, typing #10 for the town tab will make the search easier to find the Modular Buildings as their set number are often around 10 thousands.

Filtering by tab or for all tabs

There are two modes of filtering and you can switch the modes by clicking the button 17. If you press this button then its icon becomes slightly red, which means that the keywords you have typed in the text box will be used for all the tabs of the part library. In such case, even if you switch tabs you will always see the same filter keywords. On the contrary, unclicking the button 17 will allow you to have different keywords for each tab, and they will be remembered when you switch tabs.

The global mode is useful if you search a part whose description you are pretty sure, but you don't know in which tab it is stored; whereas the individual mode is more useful when you want to subset some tabs with the parts you mostly use. For example, if you mostly use 9V track and standard baseplates, you can use "32 x 32" keyword in the Baseplate tab and the 9V keyword in the Track tab.

The keywords are automatically saved when you exit the application and reloaded at the next session of Bluebrick.