General Preferences

The button 1 let you restore all the preferences to their default values, as when you installed BlueBrick for the first time. The button 2 let you restore only the preferences displayed on the current visible category.

The Program Language 3 can be changed at the top left. The change will affect almost all the text occurrences in the program. You must restart BlueBrick for the changes to take effect. Items which are not affected by the change are the tabs over the parts pane, and windows which are linked directly to the language of your OS (eg. color selection palette).

The Notifications 4 list some warning messages that can popup during the execution of BlueBrick. Since those warning messages can be repetitive, you can disable them by checking a "forget" checkbox. By default all the warning notifications are enabled. You can re-enable the notification messages you have chosen to ignore, or disable some notifications upfront.

The Recent Files List 5 is set to 4 as default. 20 is the maximum. You can clear the list using the "Clear Recent File List" button at any time. Note that this action can not be undone.

The Undo/Redo 6 lists can be adjusted. The maximum number of undo's recorded is 1000. The maximum number displayed is 50. Note that the larger the number of undo's recorded, the more memory the application will need.

The New Map Template field 7 let you specify a BBM file that should be used as a template whenever you create a new layout. To do that, first create a BBM file with the options you prefer, like the number and type of layers, the background color, your name as author, the logo of your LUG in one corner, etc... and save it somewhere on your hard drive. Then specify the path of that file in this field. Now on, every time you use the  File > New  feature, a new layout will be created by using this file as the starting point.

The Performance 8 settings might be important for older computers. The "Faster" setting is chosen as default. You may choose the "Less Memory" option if you notice that you system becomes unstable during use. Most computers should be able to run in the "balanced" or "faster" modes.