Shortcut Keys

Default Shortcut Keys list

SAdd a 9V Straight track
LAdd a 9V Left curved track
RAdd a 9V Right curved track
YAdd a 9V rail point track extending to the left like the top left stroke of the Y
KAdd a 9V rail point track extending to the right like the top stroke of the K
XAdd a 9V cross track, crossed as a X
FAdd a Flex track
Move the selection up
Move the selection down
Move the selection left
Move the selection right
Page UpBring the selection to the front
Page DownSend the selection to the back
Numpad 0Rotate the selection to the left (counter-clockwise)
Numpad .
or space
Rotate the selection to the right (clockwise)
Change the active connection point of the selected part to the next connection point (of the same part)
or Delete
Delete the current selection

How to customize the Shortcut Keys

The button 1 let you restore all the preferences to their default values, as when you installed BlueBrick for the first time. The button 2 let you restore only the preferences displayed on the current visible category.

Adding Shortcut Keys can be done using the four drop down menus at the bottom of the Shortcut list. Choose each the Key on you keyboard to which you would like to assign the function 3, then which function this key is supposed to perform 4, the part or set number which it will use 5 if needed, and the connection type that should be used during the action 6 if needed. To complete the addition Press the "Add Shortcut" button 7.

Note that a short cut can not be edited once it has been created. You must delete the shortcut you want to change, and create a new one. To delete a shortcut, select it and press the "Remove Shortcut" button 8. You can also delete or reassign the default shortcuts if you don't like them.

These changes will be permanent once you press the "OK" button. If you press "Cancel" the changes will be discarded.