Reload the Part Library

A useful feature was requested by the users who create new parts for BlueBrick. This feature is the ability to reload the part library without closing and reopening the application each time. This is available through  File > Reload Part Library . Since the application can take few seconds to launch, this could waste your time when you want to tune your new part in many iterations.

The correct process to use this feature is to first click on  File > Reload Part Library . If you didn't save your map a warning message will be displayed because the map will be unloaded. Then the part library is unloaded too and a message box appears to invite you to reload the library when you are ready.

Usually you don't click it immediately, but instead you switch to another application such as your image editor or your XML editor. When you have finished modifying your part files, you can click on the ok button of the message box, and this will reload the part library as well as the previous map that was open.