Window Panes

BlueBrick consists of the following 3 window panes: the Layout pane, the Part Library pane and the Map Data pane. The use of these panes is discussed in detail in the Creating and Modifying Layouts section.

The Layout pane

The layout pane is located on the left side of the screen and is recognizable by its standard blue background and white grid layout. This pane offers an adjustable "snap to" grid feature which will help you align the various elements of your track layout. For more details about the Layout pane, please read the Navigation and the Creating and Modifying Layouts sections.

The Part Library pane

The part library pane is located at the top right of the main window and consists of several category tabs that organize the available parts for you to build your layout. To build your layout, you will basically drag and drop Parts from the part library pane to the Layout pane. For more details about the Parts pane, please read the Part Library section.

The Map Data pane

This pane is located at the bottom right corner and has three tabs. The first tab display the layers, the second tab display the parts usage and the last tab display some general information on the map. The layer feature is especially useful for more complicated layouts. In this tab you can add, remove and organize the various layers that you need. Details can be found in the Creating and Using Layers section. The part usage tab display the list of all the parts used on the map, and eventually the percentage usage against the budget. The last tab let you add some information regarding your map.