BlueBrick is installed with a fully comprehensive documentation available through the Help menu or by pressing F1 while working in the application. This help file was mainly written by Alexander McKenna and checked by myself to avoid misuse of the application. For your convenience you can also browse it online.

If you want the map given as an example in the screenshot of the home page, you can download it here Example.bbm (104 Kb)


Alexander McKenna also did some great video tutorials and has uploaded them to youtube They are available in English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. It takes few minutes to view them, but they can save you a lot of time when you start using BlueBrick for the first time, so don't forget to check them out!

Bug Tracker

The Bug database is available here. You can report bugs there, but before doing so, please check whether the bug has already been reported.


Where can I find some documentation?

Just press F1 in BlueBrick or you can also browse it online (written by Alexander McKenna).

Where can I find a good tutorial?

Please visit the youtube page of Alexander McKenna for tutorials in various languages.

When I launch BlueBrick I got an error message saying it needs to close. What is the problem?

This error is a generic error from Windows when the application you try to launch is missing some libraries (DLL). BlueBrick only uses Windows .Net Framework 4.0. So please verify that you have this Windows component installed (go to the "control panel" then choose "add/remove program", the "Windows .Net Framework 4.0" should be listed here). If BlueBrick was working before, and doesn't work anymore, it is probably because something changed in your System. It could be cause by an automatic update of Windows, or maybe you installed/removed some software/updates. Since this error comes from your System configuration and not directly from the BlueBrick application, there is no need to contact me in such a situation. I won't be able to help you.

How can I move the view?

If you want to move the view, and you can't figure out how as there aren't any scrollbar on the map panel to scroll the view, be aware that the feature exists. If you have a three button mouse, you just need to press the middle button (the wheel) and move the mouse. If you don't have a 3rd button on your mouse or if you use a laptop without mouse, you can alternatively press SHIFT + left mouse click, and then move the view with the touchpad.

I got a strange error when double-clicking on a BBM file.

If you get an error saying that the "the file can not be open as an archive" when you double click on it, but you can load it normally from the File menu after launching BlueBrick first, then check if the title bar of the error is not 7-zip. If yes that means your zip application "7-zip" is trying to open the BBM file and not BlueBrick. This is because the BBM extension is associated with 7-zip. To solve this problem you can associate the BBM files with BlueBrick and tell 7-zip to not automatically re-associate this extension with itself.

I got a blank page when I open the CHM help file.

Since a CHM is basically a HTML website compacted into a single file, some operating system block by default the display of the CHM file. In order to see the content you may need to click on the properties of the CHM file and choose "Unblock".