Layout Properties

Map Properties

By clicking on the  Properties tab  1 in the bottom right of the BlueBrick window, you can display and edit global information regarding your layout. All these information are saved within the BlueBrick BBM file, which is why they are considered as the properties of your layout.

First, on top of the list, you can edit the background color of your layout, by clicking the button 2, which will popup a color selection window. The background color can also be edited through the  Edit > map background color...  menu.

In the  Author  3 field, you can type your name. Note that if you want your name (and all the other properties) to be displayed by default, you should create a template BBM file, and set this file as your default template file for a new layout. See the General Preferences for more details.

In the  LUG/LTC  4 field, you can select the "Lego User Group/Lego Train Club", for which you are designing this layout. The combo box contains a pretty long list of existing LUG/LTC, but you can type anything in this field if you cannot find your LUG/LTC. Don't hesitate to contact Alban if you want to include your LUG/LTC in a future release of BlueBrick.

In the  Event  5 field, you can select the public event for which you are designing this layout. Here again you can type anything if the event is not listed or if you just design a layout for your home.

In the  Date  6 field, you can specify a date. This date can be, for example, the date of the event, or a date related to the version of the file. By default the date of the current day will be used when you create a new layout.

The  Width  and  Height  7 fields, are not editable. They actually display the current size of your layout in various units (module = 3x3 baseplates of 32x32 studs = 96 studs, studs, meter and feet).

In the  Comment  8 field, you can add any text you want.

Finally, if you have checked the  View > Watermark  menu item, you will see a watermark displayed on top of your layout in the bottom right corner of your layout 9. The watermark is composed by assembling the Author, LUG/LTC, Event and Date properties, in that order. Currently you cannot customize the composition of the watermark.