Adding and Deleting Parts

Adding Parts can be done in three different ways. It can be done by simply dragging the desired part from the parts pane onto the layout pane (see the Window Panes section for more details), or by left clicking on the parts in the parts pane (the part will be added to the right of the active selection), or by using a shortcut key. For example "S" will insert a straight 9V track next to the active selection. You can also configure shortcut keys yourself (see the Shortcut Keys section for more details).

Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste functions are provided by buttons 6 though 9 as well as the shortcut keys you are familiar with from other software products. i.e. CTRL + C for Copy, CTRL + X for Cut, CTRL + V for Paste and Del or Backspace for Detete. You can also copy parts by duplicating them (see below). Parts can also be cut or copied from one layer into another.

By default, if you paste parts on the same layer, an offset will be added to the pasted parts based on the original position of the copied parts, but if you paste them on a different layer, they will be pasted at the exact same position. This behavior as well as the paste offset can be tuned in the Edition Preferences.

You can copy/paste parts between multiple instances of BlueBrick. This is useful if you want to copy a part of a layout from one BBM file to another one. To do that, just launch two instances of BlueBrick and open one file in each. Copy the parts you want in one instance of BlueBrick, then switch to the other instance and hit the paste button.

Duplicating parts can be done by selecting and holding a part with the left mouse button, then holding down the ALT key, moving the mouse to where the duplicated part is to be located and letting go. When active, the duplicate function is identified by a small "+" next to the mouse cursor while pressing the ALT key (by default), when the cursor is above the selected parts.

Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste and Duplicate works exactly the same way with Parts, Texts and Rulers. Moreover, all these actions can be undone and redone, see the Undo and Redo section for more details.